In this series of articles, I will be discussing about providing better user experience in mobile application in general. This applies to all mobile applications in all platforms in general.

In this part, I will be discussing about choosing the best layout for the given context.

1) Choosing the best layout for the given context

Generally choosing the best layout depends on the context of the application requirement. However there are certain steps that are common to all the applications.

  • If the UI is a replica of an existing app in some other platform, do not try to have the same components placed in the screen in the same way. For example, if the application is model of an existing web application, trying to create the replica may not be the right way to represent the application in a mobile context. Most of the times this would end up cluttering the limited screen space and would create clumsiness to overall UI appeal.

  • Make use of the UI controls that are specific to a particular platform. This will not only create the UI footprint of a particular platform but also may present the information in a better way.

  • Group the information to be present in a logic way and give consistent look and feel across all the screens. Making the UI look and feel consistent across all screens is one of the best ways to increase the overall UI usability intuitiveness.

  • Split the UI controls in separate pages so that each page present a single unit of information keeping the navigation among pages minimal. This way a logical context can be created in situations where lot of user input is needed before the next operation is performed.

  • Create a unique theme for the entire application and do not customize the native platform look and feel too much, otherwise it may be end up simulating a different user experience which is alien to that particular platform and may not be there in majority of the applications for that particular platform. Eventually users will fail to associate such kind of applications with that particular platform.