While there is every one associated with Web App development and Native App development, discusses about this, it is our turn to give our views.

Advantages of Mobile Web App development:

1. The Mobile Web Applications can reach a broader audience on multiple devices and platforms and the cost involved to reach to such a huge audience across all platforms by developing Native Apps for all of them would be very huge to hold for an organization. Their strength is ‘Build once, deploy anywhere’.

2. And the time an native Application reaches the market(customers through App store) is never determined by us, but by the Platform owners. And Web is completely open.

3. Another advantage would be faster speed of development and much reduced maintenance overhead in Web Apps. In case of Native Apps, each Platform’s feature updates would be a nightmare to handle for all the Apps we have developed, in terms of cost . We need developers catered to all platforms and they have to be updated with each update to SDK.

But on the downside to Web App development, at least for now we have the following:

Advantages of Native App development:

1. Native platforms allow the application running on it to use the the phone’s features (Address book) hardware features(Camera). And as user every one find native app to be more appealing.

2. And another advantage native apps have over web apps is performance. But the scenario is changing in favor of web apps with the HTML5. But lets see, how HTML5 changes the scenario.

3. If you have site that entertains (a Game)user and you wanted to make it available for Mobiles, then the ultimate winner is Native Apps.

4. Real time alerts and Notifications works in advantage of Native Applications and this can make a big difference in user experience. This is where Web Apps completely fail. But this too is going to change with W3C’s formation of WebNotification Group.

But once the Data access is ubiquitous, as is now the case with the Desktops, and along with the HTML5 rise, the advantage of Native Apps would erode .

Finally it all depends on the nature of the Application and Audience you target.