The Google supports the users to speak with Android. The people can easily do their tasks through by voice action/commands. Voice actions means, it is a series of spoken commands that control the handset using the voice. It supports the making calls, sending text message, sending emails, listening to music, finding map direction, making the search and etc..
But these voice commands are supported only in android 2.2 handset.

How it works

Voice control was triggered by tapping a microphone icon on the touch-screen of an Android smartphone.Currently it is available for English speakers. The program will be pre-installed on Droid 2 smart phones. Other smart phones running on updated Android (2.2) Froyo software can get the feature by downloading an application from the Android Market, according to Google.


1. Call Contacts: Say “call [contact name] [phone type] Eg: Call David mobile
2. Call Businesses: Say “call [business name][location]” Eg: Call David mexico
3. Send Text Message: Say “send text to [recipient][message]”
Eg: Send text to David meeting at 3pm
4. Send E-Mail: Say “ send email to [recipient][subject][body]”
Eg: Send email to David meeting It will start at 3pm
5. View Map: Say “map of[address/city]” Eg: Map of India
6. Get Directions: Say “navigate to [address/city/business name]” Eg: navigate to the San Francisco
7. Search Google: Say “[your search query]” Eg: Images of the roses
8. Go to Website: Say “[go to website]” Eg: Go to mob world
9. Listen music: Say “listen to [artist/song/album]” Eg: Listen to the Rahman hits
10. Write a note: Say “note to self[message]” Eg: Note to self seminar will start at 4pm