J2ME is widely used platform for all java phones.Even though J2ME market has gone down most of the device manufacturers are targeting low-cost devices with Java platform.  Below are the steps to start J2ME development.

1. Download the Java ME platform SDK3.0 from the below link and install it(for windows).
2. Once the installation is done once can do J2ME project both in Java ME SDK ide or through Eclipse pulsar.
3. Eclipse pulsar is the best IDE for midlet development. In J2ME the projects are widely called as midlets. In eclipse import the J2ME by Windows -> Preferences -> Java ME -> Device Management and import it by selecting the J2ME SDK install location.
4. Once it is imported select the suitable phone model and configuration from the displayed list.

5. Now the set up is ready to do a J2ME project.
Now one can start the project by creating a new midlet project and can execute it as ‘Run as – > Emulated Java ME JAD’. Before executing the midlet the respective midlet should get added in to the JAD file of project Application Descriptor.