Most of the mobile devices available in the market has Java support. The most important thing about Java mobiles or J2ME is that the applications created using J2ME has to be more secured and compact to install it in devices.

Following are the important point to check before testing the applications in any Java mobiles.

1. Application Signing

  • If our application needs any file to be read or write from device it has to be signed to avoid, that device keep on asks for the permission.
  • Some devices does not allow the unsigned application to install.
  • Once the application is signed and before installing it in a device we have to make sure that particular root certificate is there in the device.
  • Thawte and Verisign are the popular certificates available in maximum devices.

2. Obfuscation

  • Obfuscating the code not only gives security to the code but also reduces the size of the final jar file.
  • Obfuscating level may be from 1 to 9. Most of the devices accept level 8 obfuscation but it’s mandatory for Nokia high end devices to be obfuscated using level 9. If the obfuscation level is lesser than 9 Nokia high end devices throws “Authorization Failed” error while trying to install.