How can you make a developer easily frustrated?

When you are asked not to do things, you have to do with a IDE.

Here are things you should not do with Xcode IDE version 4.0.

1. Dont use Command + Z to undo the changes you have made.

2. Dont use Command + C to copy and Command + V to paste.

3. Dont save the changes you are making to a file.

4. Dont use Command + X to cut some of your code.

If you dare to do , you would be notified with a message “”Internal error” asking for you to either crash or continue.

No one wants our IDE to crash, so choose to continue and you try the same operation and Xcode throws you the same message again. If you keep doing many times, Xcode would hang and Crash.

There are other annoying things with this version of Xcode.

1. You can not use debugger once you have started your application in run mode. You can debug only if you start right away debugging.

2. Most of the shortcuts you have used with earlier Xocde and Interface builder will not work.

Hope to add many more things to the above list, in my tryst with Xcode 4.