Tablets might make inroads in to Construction and it seems any where there is a field work.


Editor’s note:Ryan Sutton-Gee is the co-founder and CEO of Y Combinator-backed PlanGrid, which offers builders the ability to store, view, and manage blueprints on an iPad. Follow him on Twitter @rsuttong.

The basic process of any construction project goes like this: A person with a lot of money (called The Owner) decides that, for whatever reason, they want a building and so they go hire an architect. This architect in turn hires a bunch of engineers and all of them start furiously designing the building until The Owner seems happy enough to move forward. Once that happens, the design is printed on piles and piles of paper and then handed to the construction team who starts the actual construction.

This is, of course, a gross oversimplification, but the interesting thing to note is that this entire exchange of information is digital — up until the point where the actual construction…

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