Connecting to VPN from Mac OSX

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Connecting to VPN from Mac is not straightforward as it is in Windows. The below tutorial will help us in configuring the VPN in mac using System preferences.


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This will certainly create a lot of opportunities in Healthcare around iOS ecosystem

Bluetooth Smart

Big news from Texas Instruments, they’ve just released a video demonstrating the keyfob included in the CC2540DK-MINI dev kit communicating with the Iphone 4S using the GATT interface through the new Core Bluetooth API.

This is a particularly big deal because it shows the CC2540 interacting with the iPhone 4S using the stock 2540 mini dev kit without an authentication chip.

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Tablets might make inroads in to Construction and it seems any where there is a field work.

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Got Problems with Archiving and unarchiving UIImage or UIImageView?

Mobile App Development

Note: The below implementation is valid only if you support versions below iOS 5.0. For iOS 5.0 this problem is fixed by Apple.

If you are planning to archive and unarchive the UImage or UIIMageView , do not forget to implement the initWithCoder and encodeWithCoder methods of UIImage.

If you fail to do so, your app will crash with the error: -[UIImage encodeWithCoder:] unrecognised selector sent to instance.

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Top Ten Mobile Applications to Bet Your Money On

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The top ten apps according to Gartner, a world’s leading information technology research and advisory company in the near future would be as follows.
1) Money Transfer
2) Location-Based Services
3) Mobile Search
4) Mobile Browsing
5) Mobile Health Monitoring
6) Mobile Payment
7) Near Field Communication Services
8) Mobile Advertising
9) Mobile Instant Messaging
10) Mobile Music

As we can see from the list, I feel smart phones will be going to be the used in two major areas i.e location based services and payment which given its form factor and technology that is being built into that makes it as a ideal tool.