HP has acquired Palm. I am happy that this happened. When ever our team had a discussion, one thing that would be part of our discussion was Palm Web OS and its UI features.We felt eventhough the UI was not unique ,it can add to their strength to rise against other bigwigs.  And when the SDK was released and when we learned that it encourages and embraces every web developer, we felt this is going to rock the entire Smart phone market. And personally I went on to  think of how their Application Store(App Catalog) is going to get crowded. But Business does not stop with just innovation,but needs the right Marketing. And due to the carrier’s choice and poor hardware quality ,(palm Pre was pitted against iPhone by many critics) their innovation that happened with the help of  some of the Apple’s former employees went in vain and finally their shares plunged and had to be acquired by HP .

Future of the Merger

So generally speaking the merger seems to benefit the both HP(giving them an readymade OS) and Palm(a seemingly stable partner, on which it can piggyback), but a merger does not stop with the the brands getting merged rather  the acquirer has to embrace, support the other at all levels. The culture of the HP if  forced on Palm’s executives or Employees, the merger would go in vain for both of them. Hope things go well and we get a good, energized competitor in smart phone market.