Our team explored on Titanium Appcelerator for the last two weeks and learned their way to Native App development.

As Titanium claims, can it let the web developers, develop Applications targeting iPhone and  Android?(with just HTML, javascript, CSS)

Yes for sure. The web developers need not learn objective C , Java . They just need to know javascript. (Knowledge of Android and iPhone widgets  would be better).Thats the selling point of the Titanium.  Is there any thing that would stop the web developers from embracing this Platform?

A Big No. until and otherwise they want to develop gaming Apps.why? Because this platform let the web developers target the most popular Mobile Native App Platform with their existing skill set. They can make money with their existing skill set.

Developers already working with Native Android and iPhone platform may also wish to go for this Titanium for the following reasons:

1. Early Time to market. (use same codebase)

2. Nearly same look and feel as a Native App.

What problems does Titanium has in it, which should be resolved.

1.    From a users perspective UI responsiveness of Native Apps would be better than Titanium based App.

2.    As Titanium claims, most UI components can be reused, but the arrangement of controls in the Views has to be done differently for the different Platforms.

3.    There is no support for the Android native control named spinner control Titanium based Android  App.

4.     There is no support for the audio recording in Titanium  based  Android App.

5.    Contacts are not accessible from a Titanium based Android  App.

6.    No Push Notifications for Android (Native support available in Android 2.2)

The second problem I have mentioned was more painful than others. This is because I felt cheated. For me the placement of Table Views worked correctly in iPhone and Android. But the widgets on other views did not get positioned as I expected. What I expected was that, Once I place the widgets in Place and check it in iPhone, the widgets should appear in similar manner in Android. But things turned otherwise. And I had to check for Android Device in the code and set the position separately for Android. Then it was fine.This may eat up our time. But the code where you do business logic and other backend tasks could be reused without a further ado.

Thanks and bye.