Steps for Android 1.5

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In the earlier versions of Android emulators (up to version 1.1r2), you were required to make an entry in the system table of“” database and/or start the emulator with –http-proxy switch supplying it the IP address and port number of your proxy.

These methods however, have become obsolete and don’t work with SDKv1.5.
Step 1: On emulator, go to:
Home->Menu->Settings->WirelessControls->MobileNetworks->Access Point Names->T-mobile US->set Proxy IP and Port#

Step 2: Now the next time you go to a web address, the browser will prompt for your user-id and password. Enter your credentials and you should be good to go.

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Steps for Android 2.2

1) Create an emulator with name say android_2.2_emulator using AVD manager in eclipse.

2) Create a batch file (.bat) with following command and a keep a handy shortcut.

emulator -avd “android_2.2_emulator” -http-proxy “your_proxy_url”:”port”

3) Run the batch file before starting the eclipse IDE, so that the emulator session will have internet connection.

That’s it.