Right from the moment I entered the conference hall, I was wondering what is the relationship between Open source development and environment. But once the session was over, I came to understand their relationship The session was handled by Venkat Mangudi.

I have given below, the crux of the session:

Consider you a open source developer.

1.You dont not occupy a office space(most of them do it as a past time, hobby), so to build products that are open source not much trees are fallen than compared to the other. (You are going to use your home as your office)

2. You don’t require a special Computer for contributing to open source.(you use your personal machine)

3. You don’t travel just to develop open source softwares. Mostly you work from home or from your office space. (so no additional carbon foot print is contributed by you to the environment. very rarely Air travel is made for open source contribution)

4. Since you mostly spent time in your home, no additional energy  is spent as it happens in Office.

5. You don’t use a Plastic box or cover to distribute your open source softwares.(sometime you use CDs, but minimal compared to others)

6. For open source software distribution, there are no specific stores.( no space is occupied, no energy utilization)

And what you can do in addition to be environmental friendly is,

1. When ever you leave your office, or going for a long break during office hours, switch off your monitors with out fail.

2. Use LED screens instead of LCD. (It gain reduce energy consumption better than LCD)

3. Prefer Telecommuting

4. Avoid using screen savers. Screen savers do NOT reduce monitor energy use significantly.

5. Don’t have a question that “Does MY small energy use really matter in the big picture?”. Certainly  yes is the answer. Small drops make rain.

6. Power down the entire computer system (printers and other equipment, too) at night and on weekends, if you know you are never going to use it. (For office systems)

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