You must have guessed what this post is going to talk about. It is about developing an App for many mobile platforms at a single time or porting an existing App from one Mobile platform to another platform, say from iPhone to Android. What should you consider before getting in to the act?

1. First recognize the fact that, you can not bring the same UI look and feel across all the platforms, because each has its own conventions and notions to communicate to the user.(An iPhone user would be used to a Picker for data selection and Android user to the Spinner ).

2. You can share the business logic across the platforms, but not always the UI structure & logic.

3. Identify common shareable pieces of the App and start working on making them as general as possible, which would minimize the effort you are to put in.

4. When you target an app which is available already in one platform to another Platform, ensure that you never try to mimic the UI of first platform to the second. This is not guaranteed to be possible.

If you have any general guidelines to porting an App, please share it.