Following are the some of the top level Windows Phone 7 technical details.

1) You will need a Windows Live ID to activate the phone for the first time, for any app purchases  and for syncing user data.

2) Primarily there are two kind of apps,  lightweight programs developed largely using Silverlight (Microsoft’s Flash competitor) as well as markup. In other words, these will effectively be web apps running locally on the phone, not unlike webOS. The other category will be using XNA (Microsoft’s cross-platform development environment which allows devs to write code that can, in theory, be deployed to Zune, the Xbox 360, or even old Windows with minimal tweaks). Also there can be by hybrid apps, which contain elements of the two.

3) It will be based on Windows CE 6.0 Embedded built upon a 32-bit kernel with a 4GB address space. That means that devices can have a maximum of 4GB of RAM. Of this, half is reserved for the low-level OS functionality, 1GB is reserved for the current running application, and the other 1GB is shared among the other running processes and apps

4) For graphics Direct3D 11 will be supported and no support for OpenGL.

5) Following Wireless connectivity will be supported

  • UMTS
  • EDGE
  • EV-DO
  • EV-DV
  • GPRS
  • LTE
  • 1xRTT
  • WiMAX

6) In addition to that FM tuning will also be supported.